The VoteGuyana Poll is closed.
In the run up to the 2011 elections we ran a poll and in the run up to this, 2015 elections, a similar exercise was repeated.

This poll was not sponsored and did/does not indicate support or endorsement for any party or any person. This poll gauged how energized people were to vote and how reactive they were to the campaign. It also provided some interesting statistics.

The results of this poll could be very different from that of the General Elections due to any number of factors including a renewed motivation to vote by supporters of any party. It is not our intention to provide any analysis or trend for this poll. It is not meant to represent a perfect poll.

It was/is not our aim to project the outcome of the National Elections.

Poll was based on a 95%CL with 5% MoE and population of 500k. Sample target was surpassed by 71.32% with more than 60% within 9 days to closure. 23 Days running, duplicate ISPs were identified and both polling sites were cumulated yielding APNUAFC 48.1%, PPPC 46.9%, Other 0.5% and the “I may not vote” 4.5%. Participation from 52% via mobile devices; 43% females. Participation with 54% FB; 100% Surveymonkey.

In summary, if we discount the “I may not vote” (which will not count), the final results could be:

APNU+AFC=50.6% = 33 seats

PPP/C= 49.4% = 32 seats