Last week a scorecard was summarized – of the campaign so far. Simple scorecard. It brought unvelievable response. Here is my this week’s recap and SC. Maybe it’s the last, maybe not.

The PPP presidential candidate made the right soundbytes. Unrelated to national economics, but directly related to emotions and the campaign, Ramoutar assured the Sugar workers of his care for them and his plan to continue looking for solutions to help the industry. That was opposed by the business approach of the opposition, but the electioneering sound-bytes was scored for Donald. That the PPP could not have found a Hindu personality to visit mandirs during their Holy Period continues to baffle many people and so they would lose some points there. Why wasn’t the Dharmic Sabha whose president is well respected and loved, more visible? Now Dr Persaud would have done wonders and achieved a great deal as would have achieved by other similar leaders across the country.

The Opposition, in my view lost serious points in their poor promise of salary increase. The promised (13%?) was a shot in a dark without basis of a national economic plan, as if to match the opposing forces of bribing the electorate. Don’t promise what you cannot be sure to deliver.

The opposition also lost serious points with the poor press conference they had which was a waste of everyone’s time. Fortunately for them, their loss of points was offset by the Press Con of Jagdeo. What was the point of either Press Cons? And where is Nigel Hughes – if he will not speak, don’t put his name on the list of speakers. Be honest.

APNU/AFC lost points with the remarks of Trotman, basically trying to negate Jagdeo. Deal with it. If he is part of the PPP campaign, deal with it. You come over being scared.

Both sides lost another week of opportunity in that they are yet to present to the people a serious economic plan for the country. All we are hearing is rhetoric and threats. That fear-mongering will have a greater impact than can be predicted.

Granger sounded good saying that he was not Burnham, as contrasted with the feeling on the other side side that a vote for the PPP was a vote for . But, Ramotar has done well with his image and presentation of himself to the populate, reaching out and showing he is human. As I told one person, elections are emotional (not rational) events. The side that can appeal to the masses’ emotions could win. This, imv, the PPP has done in a better way this week. What Ramotar has done was also travel with his family and mix and merge with the people. Well done.

My scorecard: with scores for racist undertones, strategy, outlook, annoyance vs education, appearance of leaders and other factors, my scorecard for this week reads as follows: PPPC 3.5 APNU 1.5.

Maybe all of this doesn’t matter given the rallies being held on Sunday.