“I will continue to demand that projects are implemented more efficiently so as to ensure maximum benefits to our citizens.”

According to the PPP site, you are saying that you will CONTINUE to demand…That implies that you demanded before and you failed before, obviously, since a majority of projects were screwed by ego-massaging appointees who seemed intent on making us all look bad and maybe making their bank accounts look good. The failure of the e-gov cable could have been seen by everyone months ago. The failure of the amaila project was predicted. The specialty hosp ran into problems (with the contractor). etc etc…..Yet you ignored all the signals and, ….and these continue to be the only drums that you beat. Show us what things you have personally promised and did deliver? No insult meant, but you being used by that gang too much. Stand up and lead!

The bucket has to be scraping on empty to be pointing to failed projects and (maybe good projects) with failed “implementors” as the future of Guyana….

I suggest that you promise what you CAN deliver, Sir. Promise what you CAN do. Presently all you are doing is publicly applying plaster over the leaks in the PPP’s cup, leaks inflicted by the egos that sit all around you smiling at the people that have been raped and pillaged. You wanna do this, do it the right way – and the right way is NOT their WAY. Mr Ramotar, I believe you are a good man, in real bad company.

Meanwhile, the opposition has started a marvelous and positive campaign. There is a GOOD feel about their campaign, their spokespersons and their photo-ops. They are not anonymously attacking – Even their insects have eased their sniping as they are busy planning their roles in their future and Aga is surely making himself busy. I have not seen racist calls and have not seen immature politicians on their forefront and kudos to them. The positive motivational start of the APNUAFC campaign contrasts with the kick-their-ass start of the PPP’s campaign. Granger’s jackass comment was a misfit (- well until a saw a photo of one of the audience).

Now, in the weeks ahead we will see how wasteful Vs how strategic these parties are with their finances. Will the billboard men become 6-stories-rich again or will sense prevail? What will they do with your money?

Meanwhile, Let’s see what this week brings.
My scorecard: with scores for racist undertones, strategy, outlook, annoyance vs education, appearance of leaders and other factors, my scorecard for this week reads as follows: PPPC ->0; APNUAFC ->1.5