Another reason to be ashamed. A shame that has covered us is like a dark blanket.
A shame that too many people are whispering about but not being brave to be vocal about. A national shame of murdering Courtney Crum-Ewing.
Courtney was a political giant, who braved the odds of speaking out when our collective consciousness has been domiciled into blind support for the political creatures. And we are silent.

And some people have been gleefully sharing the dead man’s private messages that only confirms how angry Courtney was with the Government – AS IF to justify his death. Shame on you.

We are silent about Courtney’s death but we huddle together at gravesides of fallen heroes who did what Courtney did and worse – and we celebrate their lives and condemn Courtney. What are we allowing ourselves to become?

And yes, we should let the police do their work – but do not be mistaken, who killed Sash Sawh? Who killed Waddle, and many others? ….. so much, no answers.

Mr. President, please be reminded that you are the Chief of Staff as well as President. The buck stops with you. The Home Affairs Minister is (to borrow a phrase from Hoyte) a “creature” of yours. USE him use the state resources for God’s sakes and get the answers we seek. Mr President, we want to see you pound your fist into your table and INSTRUCT your men to find the killer.


We are quickly boiling into a nation of hate. Hate-mongers are taking positions of PR and communications advisers of all political parties. The parties are not talking about our future, they prefer to talk of the past. Time to stop the campaign.

In all of this, my friends and I will remain independent but outspoken. If the killer is not found, we will not vote. We will boycott the ballot. Let this campaign be about COURTNEY!!!!

To those who murdered Courtney Crum-Ewing. If your motive was to mute an outspoken politician, then be aware that you didn’t fell a tree. Instead, you planted a forest. For that one, thousands will grow.