I have seen some really unprofessional attacks about Ms Vindhya Persaud’s comments on Anil Nandalal. I had also seen similar comments about Ms. H. Nandalall. Admittedly both women are public figures, and then allows for open, public scutiny. But it does not call for abuse, insults and belittling comments.

I view Ms Vindhya Persaud as a sister of mine, as I do Ms. Nandalall and many other women. Like you and me, they have the freedom of association which entitles them to belong to a family and political party of their choice. We cannot attack them for that.

If they make a wrong decision or conduct a corrupt act (or similar) then yes, let’s take them to task. But not for their husband or father or brother or sister – or work colleague. I am sure this discussion can be argued in many ways, but it hurts to see the personal attacks. Address the issues, don’t try to belittle the persons.

In my view, Ms Persaud expressed an opinion about Nandalal and that includes her obvious disgust with the whole episode – and her comment that we will “see” which we can hold her to.

I think she was damned brave to venture that opinion on Anil Nandalall within the framework that the PPP operates. Ms. Persaud is loved and respected by many. We can love her or hate her, praise her or criticise her, but be decent in such praise or criticism of her and our other women. If we don’t then we become guilty of the same things we detest.

What I would like to see is more of this type of openness and more fairness, honesty and decency. I left a company because of the indecent and dishonest work of people I depended on – I took responsibility and left and with that earned the wrath and hate of a lot who don’t know the truth or don’t want to accept it. What I have learned is that we must always be outspoken and take action against wrongdoing and wrong-doers. But not to blame the innocent for the guilty.

Many of us disagree with numerous actions of the PPP and its obvious disregard to rule of law, truth and ethics. I know that there are some very corrupt and unscrupulous persons therein – But that does not mean that everyone in the PPP is bad or corrupt. Change will take place, it is the natural progression of the world. Truth and Righteousness will always win. So let’s ease up on the rhetoric and let stop stereotyping.

In case you wonder, this is just my opinion and is not endorsed by or discussed with Ms Persaud who is free to agree or disagree.

Finally, in my view, Nandalal should be disciplined – but then so should many within the Party. So who will discipline who? Unfortunately, they will circle the wagon and let people like Ms Persaud take the flak.




  • Ruel Johnson The problem with the moral arbiters in the PPP, like Persaud, is that they go out of their way to comment on certain issues, once it does not impact upon the PPP. While I’d have liked to commend both her and Manickchand for actually saying something on this issue, the fact is both of them had to be called for an invited comment on it, both of them refer to an apology which Nandlall never actually made, and neither of them went so far as to say that he should be sanctioned in any way. I find it particularly disingenuous on her part about not seeing him since because they belong to the same political party and I’m sure she has his phone number.
  • Ruel Johnson If you’re serious and want respect on these issues, speak out on them without being put on the spot. Otherwise you have a convenient integrity at best. The other moral arbiter, Gail Rwanda Teixeira is running from comment on the issue. Also, I don’t buy the argument that the people in the PPP should get a free pass because some of them might not be “bad or corrupt.” Every single parliamentary action taken to facilitate Jagdeo’s corruption was done collectively by everyone in the PPP. People in the PPP know of rape cases involving members of their party and the cover ups involved. Persaud sits on the board of her brother’s company I believe, a company that has benefited from the unfair and corrupt allocation of telecommunication rights in Guyana. Does that situation not disgust her?
  • Ruel Johnson This is why I love the Internet…

    “The manner in which the radio licences were issued has sparked condemnation from both the local and regional media associations, with sustained protests held by owners of independent media houses who felt government was being vindictive to private media who have been critical of rampant corruption practices and a number of shady and/or illogical multi-billion-dollar projects.”



    “In just seven short years of existence, E-Networks Inc. has steadily progressed to become one of the leading institutions in the Information Technology Sector. The company, which started operations in 2003, on Monday, last, introduced its WiMax 4G Network, during an impressive launching ceremony that was held at the Georgetown Club on Camp Street. The occasion which had in attendance President Bharrat Jagdeo, who delivered the feature address, , E-Networks Incorporated’s founder and Managing Director Vishok Persaud, Chairman Rakesh Puri, Directors Keith Evelyn, Dr. Vindhya Persaud…”


    In short, she has benefited from the corruption with the best and worst of them.

  • Rab Mukraj · Friends with Abel Seetaram and 9 others

    Did Ms. Persaud call for the resignation of her colleague or was this just fluff in condemning his comments but give him a pass on everything else including the using of tax payers monies and then repaying said monies?
  • Yog Mahadeo I agree and continue to speak out against the rape of our resources that benefits a handful of people. Ms Persaud can surely speak for herself on that aspect, but I would stop short of the personal attacks. Also, it is usually covered up in the term democratic centralism.
  • Ruel Johnson She can’t have it both ways. Pointing out her hypocrisy isn’t a personal attack if she has put herself up as an arbiter of public morality. You go out of your way as head of a religious organisation to want to ban alcohol at Hindu weddings but you sit back and rake in the money from the PPP corruption that you facilitate and support, even as you remain silent on many excesses, people will call you out on it.
  • Yog Mahadeo Rab that is a good question and is where our analysis can reside. My point is that we should not make belittling personal attacks…..instead, like you, focus on the issues.
  • Rab Mukraj · Friends with Abel Seetaram and 9 others

    Look at this stage of the game anyone in the PPP who supports that kind of treachery has to be cognizant of the fact that what they are doing is flat out immoral and wrong.

    If you are a politician in the political realm guess what you are gonna get hit by a few buses. Man up or woman up and deal with it. Quit this whining about personal attacks. Go tell the oppressed in Guyana who have to live in shit water because their government misused funds to purchase pumps etc. Hey mofo it aint personal.

  • Rab Mukraj · Friends with Abel Seetaram and 9 others

    On the flip side of this note I don’t see Ms. Persaud standing up for Maurice Arjoon and asking some tough questions on why was CIOG involved in the take down of a Dharmic Sabha supporter. I got to watch myself though asking these questions might be getting personal.
  • Ruel Johnson That is my exact point – the Maurice Arjoon issue, the Kwame FcBoy sex solicitation issue, the Sattaur NCN/GT&T corruption issue. Silence from Persaud.
  • Christine Bisessar Very well said yog… stick to the issues…I admire yr choice of words…
  • Dinesh Jaiprashad · 25 mutual friends

    Mr Yog. Politics and many politicians have gone to the Dogs. We don’t have decency and law and order. Do we respect each other are politicians still honest people.
  • Vedant Prashad One misappropriates taxpayer monies for personal purposes (Anil Nandalall) while the other misappropriates the public assets (spectrum) for personal gain. What is the difference? They are both thieves. Sorry Yog, don’t agree with you on this issue. Thieves, especially those wearing religious garments, get no respect from me.
  • Imran Khan Yog Mahadeo: “I agree and continue to speak out against the rape of our resources that benefits a handful of people.”


  • Imran Khan http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/…/gtt-head-resigns…/

    Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company, Yog Mahadeo, has resigned. News…
  • Yog Mahadeo http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/…/sacked-gtt%E2%80…/

    … after NCN official submitted invoices in his name   Almost $4M was paid over to Martin Goolsarran by the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) based on invoices he submitted in h…
  • Imran Khan Right. Because innocent people willingly resign all the time. History is replete with such examples.
  • Imran Khan Examples of history being replete with persons who have resigned after an internal audit vindicated them of any culpability include but are not limited to:

    1. _______________________

  • Imran Khan Some of the people I see using social media to preach integrity, morality and transparency are quite fortunate. Had they been involved in what they have been involved in another country they would have been lecturing on these issues on a soap box from within a prison cell.
  • Yog Mahadeo True, and some professionals can also check with direct sources to get valid information, otherwise they chorus an intent while preaching a purpose.
  • Imran Khan One must be equally cognizant that persons who comment may, in all likelihood, be doing so on the basis of being in possession of information which is credible and which was received from highly placed internal sources.
  • Yog Mahadeo As well as the “internal” sources are relative like the cases of GoG. Source can only be owners, BoD chairman etc. Like in the case of the NCN matter.
  • Imran Khan Fishing expeditions won’t get poor anglers anywhere. Persons speak with authority on the basis of credible information.

    And of course there was that slush fund for journos to publish “positive” pieces.

  • Imran Khan Known and identifiable journalists who collected GY$30k and $40+ monthly per reporter for the production of puff pieces. Paid by cheques, signed by known and identifiable (former) “executives”.
  • Yog Mahadeo Authority is only divested to certain people in companies with certain structures. I believe all entities esp private companies are entitled to secure services of professionals to produce pieces. “journos” also asked and received assistance for training, travelling, etc.
  • Imran Khan Confession. Ah! Good for soul but does not absolve one of what should most certainly be prison time.
  • Imran Khan Case closed. On the first charge: Guilty. On the second charge: Confessed.

    Thanks for coming folks.

  • Yog Mahadeo glad to have had you grace my humble page.
  • Mohamed Khan · Friends with Abel Seetaram and 24 others

    Who will bell the cat in the PPP?
  • Rudolph Dyal interesting !!!!!!!
  • Imran Khan Feigned humility by the patently arrogant? Not very well played, sir, not very well played at all.
  • Yog Mahadeo master of the game speaks, student bows: thank you sir
  • Imran Khan “The ethics behind companies offering pay for puff pieces is dubious as it skews journalist’s’ duty to report without fear or favour and as such can be seen as the subsidiary of a US publicly-traded company, ATN, undermining values of free expression in a developing society.

    For those reporters involved at some news entities it would normally be a reason for immediate dismissal given that such payments would induce them to ignore deficiencies, cases of pollution or even instances of corruption by company officials.”


    Former GT&T CEO admits to reporter slush fund Mozzy…
  • Yog Mahadeo Wow thanks for the highlights. No better person than a communications’ officer for Game…. “when asked….he responded.” wow. Masterful indeed. Now, I recommend that you send to the chairman of the company you speak of and ask them for comments.
    “””When asked if that was a confession, he replied “Certainly!” “””
    Journalism in its best hands.
  • Imran Khan False assumptions will be the death of some. Again the hasty assumption that the report was written by who you seem to be ascribing credit to is… well… false.
  • Yog Mahadeo Wonderful. I am even more delighted. Again false assumption that my note was aimed at someone in particular is…well…false.
    We will all die sometime. I have been threatened already.
  • Yog Mahadeo Let me help share it as an example of wonderful journalism.
    The owners and writers are well un-known. It is the silly season when they, like others are paid hide behind pseudonyms, a la the people at office of the president. Any difference?
  • Learie Constantine Barclay This is an unbelievable exchange…. Yog Mahadeois a man of integrity and responsibility! Imran Khan what are your bonafides to show integrity? A puff piece is a form of advertising, is completely legal, and is a smart choice for any company.
  • Imran Khan There will come a time when persons, govt officials and others will have to account before the law for their inexplicable wealth. No amount of insight, inspire/(ation) or impressions will cover or hide the truth. 10/10 or otherwise.
  • Vedant Prashad Totally agree Learie Constantine Barclay. A puff piece is a form of advertising, is completely legal, and is a smart choice for any company. Shaking my head at this exchange.
  • Yog Mahadeo Exactly! I await that day and will continue to work toward that. And also to see the day when some will accept the truth that looks them in the eye. There will come that time when death threats will be remembered too. And when those who continue to walk on others will face reality.
  • Balwant Persaud “But that does not mean that everyone in the PPP is bad or corrupt’. Well, tell me who is not bad or corrupt in the PPP.
  • Yog Mahadeo the grassroots…. the people of guyana who have blind (maybe misplaced) faith….the PPP is not the 10 or 12 persons we see everyday.
  • Balwant Persaud Oh, I thought you were referring to the ruling cabal.
  • Balwant Persaud Sorry, I misinterpret you.
  • Ruel Johnson Here was thinking the PPP was defined by the central committee, the same corrupt people put in there by the PPP grass roots.
  • Imran Khan “And a confession on a subject that really is not of much interest outside of the journalistic community, the issue of companies paying for favourable coverage. It is endemic and dangerously undermines the core principles of journalism… to report without fear or favour.”


  • Yog Mahadeo Wow even more. Many thanks. “Paying for favourable coverage. It is endemic and dangerously undermines the core principles of journalism” Unpaid for by the paymasters.
    Perchance when truth is sought, a Bod or Chairman can offer some insight and confessions and apologies…but to quote some soul without (apparent) identity, “it’s a wrap”…as wraps will obviously continue to keep truth under and unseen.
  • Dwayne Scott · 60 mutual friends

    The situation is as it stands. Guyana is a dangerous place and the dirt goes deeper than the eye can see and the ears can hear. It’s built like little mafia groups and and like the groups the real power is unknown.
  • Haresh Sukhraj · 50 mutual friends

    and Imran Khan was schooled again! Well done Dr Yog Mahadeo. You continue to impress me time and time again.
  • Balwant Persaud We need a new breed of politicians that the people can trust. Professionals and honest businessmen. Not discards from the PPP and PNC.
  • Radha Motielall and so this is christmas…….singing…..black cake anyone?????
  • Romel Putulall Christmas the season of forgiveness and spreading the Joy.. ease the critiques..
  • Randy Perreira Radha I love de sponge more lol
  • Randy Perreira Radha careful how you say black cake,with the tension right now some people might settle for cully cake haha
  • Mohamed Khan · Friends with Abel Seetaram and 24 others