The tape-gate scandal with AG, Anil Nandalall leaves is wondering what next.

Guyana has been living one scandal after another since the days of the Jagdeo Government – which started a scandal-marathon that cannot be matched by the popular TV series Scandal.

What next, we ask ourselves.

And some of us question: Couldn’t they have handled it better? I must digress to say that whoever manages the PR of the Government and especially that of the President needs to to be fired. President Ramotar has been placed in the worst positioning, poor surroundings, improper lighting – to say the least, it seems like everything is done to make him create a poor impression as is everything else in and around Government. Every impression is uninspiring. But that is another matter. Sir I will volunteer to advise on your PR and photo-ops. But please give them the sack.

Back to Nandalall.

Since Jagdeo’s time of ‘buse-out’ policy, the PPP and Government has adopted an attitude of “can do no wrong”. From drunken driving to erection minister. From Rapist-in-parliament to Peter-will-pay-for-Paul – all displaying an attitude of braggadocio and hypocrisy.

It would probably be improper of me to even suggest or hope that somewhere, someone of them may actually feel sorry for what they did – or are doing.

In my own humble opinion, had Anil apologized to the nation for the improper content of (a probably inebriated conversation) his telephone conversation, things might have been different – and he would have still floated on the respect that people have for him. We realize that he is human and can make mistakes, but these constant “mistakes’ and the logic-defying attitude of the perpetrators are horrifying.

True to form, Anil “stood his ground”, spat in our eyes and dares us to spit back.

Anil, being sorry is good sometimes. But I guess you’re not.

Meanwhile, I am really sorry for the President.

He is caught in a constant war created by his predecessor. He is the king (not emperor), but the king’s court jests. And the emperor? He created the foundation, managing the kings’s horses and the king’s men.

The emperor does not realise that he wears no clothes.

We do not await the next scandal with bated breath.

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