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Suicide affects us all. Whether we like it or not.

We have gone past the time for another perambulation of Georgetown in a vaunted Suicide Walk. It cannot and will not replace education, counseling and the tremendous work we the parents have to do.

Each suicide; each unfortunate death in this country is an indictment on our conscience as a people. Do we really care?

I am sorry to hear of Alex’s suicide in West Coast. And, I am sorry to hear that some blame is being pinned to the Principal. I have the highest regard for Swami Ashkarananda. I wish we could be blessed with a fraction of the patience and discipline that he lives by on a daily basis. Yes is is stern, yes he is strict -and sometimes harshly so. But which Leader, what Parent and what disciplinarian should not be stern and strict?

As is, we make international headlines ont his matter and allwe do is walk. Yet, most suicides are related to discipline/rebellion or “puppy-love”.

The question is what are we prepared to do to deal with this monster called suicide? And, it has to start with our system.

We ALL need to start taking personal responsibility for every death. We cannot depend on a system that is failing us. Let us take responsibility and not blame anyone.

So, the question is, have we failed our children who are commiting murder of themselves? Is there anything we can do?

I believe we should start talking about this more. Parents and children need to start talking. This has to become a family discussion matter. Teachers must also start friendly discussions on this. Let it be weekly. Where are the school guidance counselors?

I also believe that the Ministry of Health must start preparing counselors to be on call. Our children are too important to shuffle this away. I will volunteer to be trained and to provide such service if needed.

Is it going to be enough? Maybe not. But let’s start today, let’s save our children. They are but a reflection of ourselves, our country and our system. They can be saved – by us. Time to start is now.

To Mom and Dad of Alex, our deepest sympathies. To all mothers or fathers that lost a child to suicide…. our sympathies.

In closing, I call upon all parents who have lost a child to suicide: You have lost a child – but You must feel empowered to lead this fight so that we do not lose another son or daughter.

This is our call, for the sake of our children.