October 5, a day that too many Guyanese poured body, mind and soul into, only to see its descent; to have had their hopes and dreams shattered by one of the most corrupt and uncaring (and inhumane) periods in this country’s history.

Then came November 28, 2011. Another date when too many Guyanese revived their hopes and dreams as they saw the deliverance – away from the ruthless hands of the Uncaring One and unto the hands of a man like Donald Ramotar.

Those hopes have also been shattered for many as the corruption and uncaring egos continued to run rampant over everyone.

That Donald Ramotar could have allowed a simple thing like the NCN fraud report to fester; that he could have covered up for the thieves; that he could have let the innocent people take the bad name for his people, speaks of an uncaring president. What is worse is that if he cannot care for the little corrupt things then he cannot even start to fathom the depth of the larger things.

For me, the test of his decency was that NCN matter. He allowed people to think bad of those of us who were innocent while he rewarded the guilty people with jobs that were even more powerful. I could safely say that his tardiness, caused the NCN fraud matter to rest on the shoulders of the innocent. In fact even the General Secretary of the PPP said that the only thing he knew of the NCN fraud matter was what he read in the Stabroek News – surprisingly, since they love to hate any independent media.

Yes, we can recount many instances when there has been abject failure. And yes we can start to list the items of success. But it is the little simple things that are important Mr. President.

Today therefore, and that of November 28 are dates when I lift my head to the Heavens and say, Dear God, deliver us yet again.

Friends, yes we can all drink and be merry and laugh and be jolly, but there comes a time…….