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His Excellency,
The Prime Minister of India,
Dear Prime Minister,
I write you from country of Guyana.
Congratulations on your victory at the elections and congratulations on winning the hearts of Indian people the world over.
Sir, I wish to ask you one tiny favour – both on my personal behalf as well as on the behalf of the many Guyanese people who care for our own country Guyana. While this request may seem multi-faceted, it will resolve a lot of doubts and suspicions that abound with regards to our relationship with India.
Undoubtedly our two countries enjoy a healthy cultural and diplomatic relationship, but there seems to be a growing economic relationship.
We would like your Government to publicly declare:
1) The number of bank accounts held in India by people from Guyana.
2) The total value of these bank accounts held in India by people from Guyana.
3) The total sums, per year, for the past 12 years that were transferred from Guyana to India through the Indian Bank resident in Guyana.
4) The total sums paid, per year, to Indian businesses from business, individuals and the Government in Guyana.
This will help us to understand how money flows and capital flight have impacted our two countries and what degree of financial relationship exists between our countries.
We thank you for your time and look forward to help in this matter which might be insignificant to the Indian economy but very significant to ours.
Yours Sincerely,
Guyana Independent Voices (GIV)