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It is disgusting, tiring. Sick and tired of reading or hearing about it! It’s tiring to read in the ‘papers, twitter, FB etc. – things about Bharrat Jagdeo.

Jagdeo did this, he did that, he didn’t do this, he didn’t do that. The energies we are wasting on anti-Jagdeo sentiments are astounding. Move on! Spend some of that energy on proposing not deposing.

Now, I was never a fan of Pres Jagdeo, in fact I feel he’s an ungrateful ol’ chap but, then that’s ok. Fact is, I never asked him for anything and never received anything from him. Yet, he was always professional and courteous to me.

I, like others, feel that he achieved a lot, favored a few, snubbed others, stomped on some people’s toes, exploited opportunities and eliminated weaknesses, bullied, charmed, kept bad and good company, inveigled, outsmarted a lot of people and did good and bad.

But, tell me – doesn’t this paragraph above describe most people you know?

The sad truth is that everyone who continues to bash him wanted some favor, fell out of favor or was snubbed in some way by him. Too much of it is a personality clash instead of productive and constructive criticism.

I have read of any number of deals and accusations of corruption, as I am sure the entire world has. We are told over and over about this or that….but in the meantime, while we spend the time digging at him, we waste time – which we could use to move ONWARDS.

Yes we must identify wrongdoing and wipe out corruption. But in the current way of doing things, we are holding the nation at ransom while we are getting back at one man, the former president. Take the licenses. It is now known worldwide, the licenses granted to a small set of persons. But, time to move on with the process. We get so caught up with the “Persons” that we forget the “process” and it is the process that must be fixed. I will not be judge and jury with what he did or didn’t do, yes, I will continue to speak out on what I find to be wrong, immoral and corrupt. And yes, let’s continue to expose the wrongs and the illegalities, but keep the personal clashes out of it.

There is no easy answer.

What I do know is that yes, we must be vigilant and energetic…but, there is no progress by staying in quicksand.

One cannot help but admire how the US Government can have public hearings on the IRS scandal while CONTINUING WITH THE BUSINESS OF RUNNING THE COUNTRY!

Let’s run this country please. Let’s move on with the processes, get it right and move on!

As the untrue phrase said, while Nero fiddled……

p.s….been asked this before….former presidents are referred to with the title “president”