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My Guyana, this my beloved
Raped & beaten; Endures, cries,
Caught twix and tween timeless egos
Political gamesmanship, opportunism, power
Decency, leadership, vision, driven asunder

Yellow gold, green gold,
Black gold and white gold
All stolen, lost, destroyed
Diamonds, alum, sand and water
Blood of my parents and theirs, squandered.
My Guyana’s Eldorado is lost. Forever?

Patience, O Beloved
There are still those of us
Yet extant. We dare to care
Not for opportunities or power
But for You, my beloved Guyana

True independence as yet beckons.
For you, our dear land of Guyana,
We will free you from the shackles.
You are yet to become the heaven
The nirvana, the Eldorado, to be
Land of the free.

To my sons and daughters and theirs
I pray that your wishes for “Happy Independence”
Will be true and free.
When “happy Independence”
No longer be a wish
But a reality.