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Yet another area that is critical for Guyana’s advancement and development. Procurement commission has been made a political football between parties.

The Procurement Commission could/will control one of the largest purse-strings in Guyana – and yes, one can ask who has that control presently?

Is this Procurement Commission important for Guyana? ABSOLUTELY! And, it should be done NOW. More than 10 years have passed by without this important unit in place. The majority Opposition has a clear role to agitate and ensure that these critical bodies are independently manned and in place – and kudos to them for so doing!

My fervent hope is that neither Opposition nor Government is ‘nominating’ any person who will bid/tender for anything that will be ultimately under the purview of the Commission in which they are intended to function. We have had too many inferences and instances where people get contracts awarded because of their positions on boards or their influence thereon.

YES, let us immediately set up an independent Procurement Commission!

And, please let us hear about the status of the integrity commission which should be so activated that every person named to these Commissions would declare their assets as well as those in public offices presently and in the future.