Let’s stop the suicide monster


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Suicide affects us all. Whether we like it or not.

We have gone past the time for another perambulation of Georgetown in a vaunted Suicide Walk. It cannot and will not replace education, counseling and the tremendous work we the parents have to do.

Each suicide; each unfortunate death in this country is an indictment on our conscience as a people. Do we really care?

I am sorry to hear of Alex’s suicide in West Coast. And, I am sorry to hear that some blame is being pinned to the Principal. I have the highest regard for Swami Ashkarananda. I wish we could be blessed with a fraction of the patience and discipline that he lives by on a daily basis. Yes is is stern, yes he is strict -and sometimes harshly so. But which Leader, what Parent and what disciplinarian should not be stern and strict?

As is, we make international headlines ont his matter and allwe do is walk. Yet, most suicides are related to discipline/rebellion or “puppy-love”.

The question is what are we prepared to do to deal with this monster called suicide? And, it has to start with our system.

We ALL need to start taking personal responsibility for every death. We cannot depend on a system that is failing us. Let us take responsibility and not blame anyone.

So, the question is, have we failed our children who are commiting murder of themselves? Is there anything we can do?

I believe we should start talking about this more. Parents and children need to start talking. This has to become a family discussion matter. Teachers must also start friendly discussions on this. Let it be weekly. Where are the school guidance counselors?

I also believe that the Ministry of Health must start preparing counselors to be on call. Our children are too important to shuffle this away. I will volunteer to be trained and to provide such service if needed.

Is it going to be enough? Maybe not. But let’s start today, let’s save our children. They are but a reflection of ourselves, our country and our system. They can be saved – by us. Time to start is now.

To Mom and Dad of Alex, our deepest sympathies. To all mothers or fathers that lost a child to suicide…. our sympathies.

In closing, I call upon all parents who have lost a child to suicide: You have lost a child – but You must feel empowered to lead this fight so that we do not lose another son or daughter.

This is our call, for the sake of our children.

The shattered dreams of Oct 5 & Nov 28 for Guyanese

October 5, a day that too many Guyanese poured body, mind and soul into, only to see its descent; to have had their hopes and dreams shattered by one of the most corrupt and uncaring (and inhumane) periods in this country’s history.

Then came November 28, 2011. Another date when too many Guyanese revived their hopes and dreams as they saw the deliverance – away from the ruthless hands of the Uncaring One and unto the hands of a man like Donald Ramotar.

Those hopes have also been shattered for many as the corruption and uncaring egos continued to run rampant over everyone.

That Donald Ramotar could have allowed a simple thing like the NCN fraud report to fester; that he could have covered up for the thieves; that he could have let the innocent people take the bad name for his people, speaks of an uncaring president. What is worse is that if he cannot care for the little corrupt things then he cannot even start to fathom the depth of the larger things.

For me, the test of his decency was that NCN matter. He allowed people to think bad of those of us who were innocent while he rewarded the guilty people with jobs that were even more powerful. I could safely say that his tardiness, caused the NCN fraud matter to rest on the shoulders of the innocent. In fact even the General Secretary of the PPP said that the only thing he knew of the NCN fraud matter was what he read in the Stabroek News – surprisingly, since they love to hate any independent media.

Yes, we can recount many instances when there has been abject failure. And yes we can start to list the items of success. But it is the little simple things that are important Mr. President.

Today therefore, and that of November 28 are dates when I lift my head to the Heavens and say, Dear God, deliver us yet again.

Friends, yes we can all drink and be merry and laugh and be jolly, but there comes a time…….

Business in Guyana 101


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Forwarding this article on Business in Guyana 101

Today we introduce this course by providing some examples of the fascinating way that Business is conducted in Guyana.

Over the course fo the coming semester, we will get into the details of competition Vs Party Politics. Your facilitators for this course will include many persons who have had the experience of doing (or not) business in this wonderful country.

In many countries there is legislation and regulation – as in Guyana. But, in many countries there are independent commissions that oversee competition, consumer affairs, utility pricing etc. In Guyana we have these similar commissions. However they themselves provide a barrier to comeptition by being compromised by either the businesses or by the Government.

There is no independent functioning competition commission if there continues to be a Government appointed lackey in that position. In fact, the current “commission” is headed by an employee of a company that has been the prime example of predatory pricing as well as replication of products to destroy competition.

Here is an example: A (start-up) company decides to introduce a beverage in Guyana. Let’s assume that this beverage is manufactured and distributed in St. Lucia. Let us sat the beverage is named “The Star”.

Upon launch, of Star, a local beverage company will, within 3-4 weeks launch “Star power”, a new beverage, similar ingredients, exact packaging. It will then use its power to leverage against the distribution chain, the customs clearance systems and finally, it will take its local beverage and flood the St. Lucia market. In weeks, if not days, the imported product is dead and the duopoly continues, supported by the Government and its compromised commission.

The same commission is loud in its silence on the sheer volume of business handed on a platter to Government-based and Goverment-friendly businesses/ This creates a huge barrier for independent and clean business in Guyana.

A business person has to “know” some politician and has to have some slippery cheque leaves in his cheque book.

Over the past 10 years, the Government was instrumental in setting up certain private businesses. Let us take an example:
– A private business applies for duty-and-tax concessions to start a “new” business.
– The Goernment grants permission outside of the boundaries of the law to that person.
– That person then “wins” government contracts for huge sums of money. Each contact provides a pre-payment which is used to procure the needed items and fulfil the order.

Another example, the Favoured Company wins a contract to supply PVC pipes and fittings; it takes the pre-payment and procured the equipment and raw material to manufacture the items. It then receives duty-free concession for import and fulfuls the contract. It then owns another manufacturing arm, compliments of the Government. The examples are many.

Here’s another: A company is granted huge contracts by the Government to build a bond to help store the Government’s purchases. It received duty free concessions and waiver of taxes toward the project. From year 2, the company charges the Government to use its private storage space.From year 3, only that company can win contracts because it is the only one with storage space.

Yes, Guyana busines arena is filled with these examples.

There are people who sit on Government boards and, using insider-information makes investments, therby fleecing the National treasury. Yhe items are ordered from the makers of fake products in China – or that the local construction or manufacture is substandard. But the insider knows the maintenance budget too and plans well to use that in the long term.

Another example, the Government grants broadcast license to a small group of its friends and families. It exhausted the spectrum in the process. There can never be any real competition in TV or Radio in Guyana – ever!

The Business-Interest groups have sadly become compromised over the years. They are offered seats in Government boards, they are paid by the Government, they win contracts and apply successfully for tax exemptions (using insider information) – and they better dance to the tune or else. Some of the business-interest groups have had these same “contract winners” as their prime members and presidents, making the business waters even murkier. An example is one person who, as part of a government board, voted for the upgrade of a government facility – and after the upgrade, voted for it to be sold – and his was the winning tender.

But, unless you dance to the tune, there will be scandals, arrests and audits. Be prepared to hear that you own more property than you know of. Be prepared for every bit of attack, just because you dare to speak out.Be preapred for a fall out with “friends”, be preapred to be slandered about your wife, children, lovers or whatever in the gossip columns of the newspapers that they own and control. And, Be prepared for an income tax audit.

Meanwhile the corrupt heads of boards and commissions have had their pockets lined from the big businesses.

Maybe this is why this Course will be facilitated by a number of persons lest there be more martyrs like Satyadeo – All with the compliments of the Government of Guyana.
End of Business in Guyana 101.

Next in line for discussion, the Negaholics.





A letter to PM Modi


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His Excellency,
The Prime Minister of India,
Dear Prime Minister,
I write you from country of Guyana.
Congratulations on your victory at the elections and congratulations on winning the hearts of Indian people the world over.
Sir, I wish to ask you one tiny favour – both on my personal behalf as well as on the behalf of the many Guyanese people who care for our own country Guyana. While this request may seem multi-faceted, it will resolve a lot of doubts and suspicions that abound with regards to our relationship with India.
Undoubtedly our two countries enjoy a healthy cultural and diplomatic relationship, but there seems to be a growing economic relationship.
We would like your Government to publicly declare:
1) The number of bank accounts held in India by people from Guyana.
2) The total value of these bank accounts held in India by people from Guyana.
3) The total sums, per year, for the past 12 years that were transferred from Guyana to India through the Indian Bank resident in Guyana.
4) The total sums paid, per year, to Indian businesses from business, individuals and the Government in Guyana.
This will help us to understand how money flows and capital flight have impacted our two countries and what degree of financial relationship exists between our countries.
We thank you for your time and look forward to help in this matter which might be insignificant to the Indian economy but very significant to ours.
Yours Sincerely,
Guyana Independent Voices (GIV)




A brief thought on leadership.

Leaders need to take responsibility for the actions of their people and their team.
A good example of this is Apple Inc.’s Tim Cook who took responsibility last year and is now held responsible for the snafus of the I6 and the problems therein and with its OS. Elsewhere, leaders shy away from any blame.

Forbes identified Top 10 Qualities That Make A Great Leader as follows: Honesty, Ability to Delegate, Communication, Sense of Humour, Confidence, Commitment, Positive attitude, Creativity, Intuition and Ability to Inspire.

However, what is also important is the trust – trust of the people in the leader. If we cannot trust our leaders, then we can never be led.

Guyana’s mysterious telecommunication licensing.

Sometime last week the Kaieteur News shared information about the ownership/interests of Global Technology and inet. In that article it was reported that the HPS said that he did not know about inet’s license.

Tarron Khemraj wrote a piece in SN analyzing the high cost of electricity and its impact on the private sector. Fact is that high electricity cost and high internet rates and communication costs are strangling businesses in Guyana – and both sectors (Electricity and Commnications) are run by monopolies and/or a handful of persons who were favored by the GoG.

I have always been openly and publicly pro-liberalization even while employed by one of the monopolies.

Now, while inet/GT said that they have had a telecommunication license for many years, I do not know any company other than GT&T or Digicel that received a telecommunication license. In fact, GT&T’s license supposedly precludes any entity from being granted a telecommunication license except in the mobile arena.

So, what happened was that NFMU/GoG gave “permits” to a few entities for use of a certain frequency – for FREE.

These “permits” were, I belive, restricted to the sale and distribution of internet access and were given to Enetworks, Quark Communications Inc and inet. It is important to note that while they received free frequencies, Digicel and GTT had to pay per a complex formula for the spectrum. What was more intriguing was that (maybe) the “freeness” was backed by granting “permits” to use what is usually known as the open spectrum. It was clear that the GoG avoided any legal challenges from GT&T by issuing these permits (instead of licenses).

The main persons behind these three companies (Enetworks, Quark, Nexlink) are known to everyone and one of them even appeared in the list of candidates for one political party at election time.

What was also reported in KN was that Quark Communications operated from within the premises of Queens Atlantic while Inet was acquired by Global Technology whose principals are associated with Queens Atlantic.

The HPS is right to say he does not know them (inet/GT) since if they have a telecommunication license, it would have been with the direct knowledge of the HPS (the NFMU/DoT/PUC all fell under the ambit of the PM and HPS).

Does these three companies operate under influence of one company or one group of persons? Will their collective strenght effectively negate the Dominance of GTT and Digicel? Is communication in Guyana heading into the hands of a few persons?

What is (maybe) not obvious to the public is that Enetworks, Quark Communications Inc., inet and Nexlink Communications are all GUARANTEED a telecommunication license under the new telecommunication (liberalization) legislation “without the need for any application therefor from any of those entities”.

Finally, what is also not obvious to the public is that the PPP and AFC both lack the independence to argue and debate telecommunications liberalization since there is deep conflict of interest. The PPP’s members/candidates are guaranteed licenses
while top persons in the AFC (Ramjattan/Williams) are retained directly and indirectly by GTT and Digicel.

The question begs to be asked: Who will look out for Guyana’s best interest where telecommunication is concerned?

The PUC is as culpable as the telephone companies.

Freddie Kissoon was spot-on in his piece on the non-evaluation and non-valuation of the work done by Lenno Craig in his challenge to Digicel.

Telephone companies all over the world use every opportunity to make money – and unless challenged will make money off us in ways unimaginable. The Lenno Craig Vs Digicel matter is not unique to Digicel, but is a good example of how consumers are ripped off by various companies. In some countries you pay from “send to end” where you start paying from the time you engage a phone to the time you end the call – the argument being that the company’s resources are engaged. In some countries you pay to place and receive a call.

It would appear as though the consumers body and the PUC in Guyana are ultimately clueless in everything and do not employ the resources that can educate them on the ways that their charges make money from consumers – without the PUC’s approval. In fact, the PUC is, at the very least, as culpable as the companies’ in ripping customers off – and it only when the consumers bring matters to them that they act.

Think of it this way, if Digicel’s subscriber base is 300,000 and GT&T’s is 300,000 and you access 10% of their customer bases’ voice mail per day at, say half-a-dollar per access, the revenue is approximately G$5million per year for each company. And, remember, in the meantime, the consumer did not get to complete his/her call.

Maybe the PUC should order that the consumer only pay upon leaving a voice mail (instead of paying for a “ringing out to voice mail”. So, that’s totalling approximately G$10million that the consumer base can save for things like food or education etc.

Much more can be written on this matter, but the PUC needs to start doing some work. After all, it collects million dollars per year from the consumers (through the two telephone companies) – while the consumers’ advocates and consumer bodies receive nothing. The PUC is therefore as guilty as the telephone companies in extracting moneys from consumers and giving them little in return.

Yes we should all thank Lenno Craig for bringing this matter to national attention, leading a fight and winning it.

Meanwhile how many consumers know that we are looking at a potential increase in telephone rates and electricity rates again.

crISIS – part 1: Silence of Islam

When the attack on Gaza started a couple of weeks ago, the local authorities and the local Islamic Groups protested, held a rally and expressed shock and anger at the attack.
It is a SHAME that they are today quiet when crISIS befalls the brothers and sisters in the same part of the world. Excepting for people like Ty Talbot and Anna Catherina Sunnatul Jamaat, Zaheer Khan and a few others, there have not been enough voices repelling these animals who, under the garb of religion, profess to justify their execution of innocent people under their jihad as directed by the Quran (in their interpretation).
I must note that the Guyana Islamic Trust made a release decrying the actions of ISIS (Aug 25). This is admirable and commendable.
However, in the main, there has been silence. Is the silence an acceptance of the terrible acts portrayed in the name of Islam? The world would do well to remember its silence when the ethnic cleansing began in Germany with Hitler.
The world would do well to remember that GOD is supposedly ALL POWERFUL – whether you call Him an Islamic God or Christian God or Hindu God or whatever. Why not leave the world to Him. Let Him judge who should die or not. Let Him run His world. Who made you into God?
I call upon everyone to denounce the madness. Let us all speak out. If you do not speak out, like a virus, it will spread and destroy us all.
Finally, I call on the CIOG, MYL and all other Islamic organisations – PLEASE let us know if the acts of ISIS is a representation of Islam or at least if you agree with what is taking place in the name of Islam through ISIS. Follow the lead of GIT and speak out.
Peace, Love and Unity.

His name was Krishna


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He was born in Jail. His parents were jailed and under house arrest.

At that time, no one in the country dared to talk about the atrocities of the Government. Intimidation, jail, harassment, embarrassment, and even death awaited anyone who opposed the Government.

The Ruler and the Governing forces killed and destroyed all opposing forces and persons who dared to oppose them. The Government stole all the money from the treasury, built palaces, raped women, became drunken at every opportunity and used every state asset for their personal pleasure. Every citizen had to submit to them.

The Ruler even forced religious groups and religious persons to work along with him and to shower praise on the Government. They also controlled those persons who spread communication across the country.

And, after He was born, the Ruler and his Government learnt of a new generation, new leadership rising. They heard that the Young ones will rise and free the country. So, they sent spies and they killed anyone who dared to speak in opposition.

Yet, He was born. He led the Revolution against the Oppressors and continued to work intimately for the freedom of everyone from evil.

His name was Krishna.

He gave the world the Bhagwad Gita which gave Humanity the pathway to God, while entrusting us to ensure that we free ourselves from oppression and evil, even if that evil is wearing the garb of kith and kin. He told us that God is in Charge.

He also said that the wicked days will repeat itself, but that He will continue to exist in the Heart of the Righteous. He said we will always be free so long as we want to be free.

This August 17, we celebrate his Birth with thoughts of freedom from oppression, corruption and sin. We remember the life and teachings of Lord Krishna.

Long live the ideals and the teachings of Lord Krishna. May His teachings become reality in our lifetime.



Is wan ting or de odder.
Ow me Guyana
Hu much mo?
Hu much nat yet discover’d?

Meh tink dese peeple tink all awe schupit.
Meh tink….but wait…
Budday, who tell yuh fi tink?
Yuh dare foh care? Yuh dare foh talk?
Yuh gat foh be negaholic
Tek dis pon yuh tail, tek intimidation, tek harassment
Direckly an’ indireckly fire pon yuh tail.

Shhhh. Meh betta wach out! Da massa don tell e troops
“Kill e name, Mash up e credibility
Tell all-bady dat he is teef or he is bad or rude
An, mek sure u tell all bady dat he nah wan of abe.”
Kill! Kill! Kill de messenger an d flock gon move along

Ow Gad. Meh cry aready
Meh cry ‘cause meh see knots and twists coming
Some gaan mo to come.
Backlash coming. Meh eye-wata fall
Dem guh kill me!
Meh cry tearfully silent
Ow Gad, dem unstoppable-
U tink dem coming fi meh again?

An’ how meh ah taak to meself!
Ow budday ow, ow me brudda
laarn nah
Shet up, get outta hey, stay out
Dem nah waan people lik yuh
Naaah. no peeple, on’y sheeple.

Shhhhh. Maan shet up nah
Rememba de voice pon d fone seh
You betta kno’ dat a bullet don mark wid yuh name.

But maan, yuh know d saying?
Back to back, belly to belly
Ah doan give a damn
Cause ah done dead aready!

Happy Raksha Bandhan to all.

Our world is out of sync with its purpose as we kill each other in the name of God, we cheat on each other and we lie on each other….. YET in the midst of all the madness comes a day like TODAY. A supermoon today, in a unique month of 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays – today is RAKSHA BANDHAN.
Today is a unique day – it gives us all a chance to see each other asBROTHER and SISTER. Today signifies the opportunity to stop hate and lies…. since the hate and lie is directed to each other. Instead, today we reaffirm our love for each other as brother and sister. Today we can tie a know of love for each other and give ourselves and our world a chance to experience love and bliss.
Happy raksha bandhan. Love to you with special blessing that God protects you through all difficulties.
Friends, days like today can give this world a chance it needs. When we can see each other as brothers and sisters and recognize that we are our brothers’ (and sisters’) keeper and that we were intended to be one family, in this one world created by that One God.
Happy Raksha Bandhan to all. Love and Blessings.

No confidence in the no-confidence motion

Rambling thoughts….No confidence mean that the season of fear and intimidation starts
1. I have no confidence in the no-confidence motion. I am skeptical that it will become anything more than political gas. Some reasons why:
1a. Currently parliament is not even being convened. They are “waiting” out their time until legal recess. So the no-confidence may have to wait and wait – and wait.
1b. There will be some force, man-made or otherwise that will distract everyone whenever parliament resumes. And again they will have to wait.
2. When, God forbid/bless that that motion is passed, the season of intimidation and fear begins. Forget about free & fair elections – let us look at an election that will be free from FEAR.
3. Everyone who can, will culled, bullied, blinded and muzzled. Everyone in public office will be read the rights of fear – what will happen if elections are lost or won.
4. Across the country, there are more than 200,000 people who will be directly affected by elections. Their concerns will become real and physical.
5. There is no ace-in-the sleeve at GECOM now as there was before and the man who feels he is God there is a weak God, too weak to play the card.
6. The time to batten and shutter our doors and windows will approach as we will soon turn upon our own people once again – in a sad attempt to see who can win more votes to take the reins of intimidation, lies and corruption.
And more….much more……
  • Vimal Persaud · Friends with WR Reaz and 47 others

    Couldn’t be said better buddy
  • Chandroutie Persaud A very realistic synopsis of the present situation inGuyana
  • Ruel Johnson Who are the more than 200,000 people who will be directly affected by elections as opposed to the other 500,000 who are being affected by corruption? And shouldn’t people in public office involved in corruption, political discrimination and racism be afraid? And the season of intimidation and fear is already here for anyone who dares to criticise the PPP.
  • Joycelyn Williams I agree with the GCCI if I have it right. Let’s have elections when they are due. as soon as we hear of elections in Guyana it creates uncertainty and instability. let’s talk some more guys!
  • Ruel Johnson I’d rather the uncertainty and instability that precedes the PPP losing office, than the certainty and stability of corruption, racism and intimidation. Anyone who has any insight into what is going on in this country knows that things like Bharrat’s pension, the Skeldon factory, the Marriott, the Surendra pumps, New GPC, NCN and a dozen other publicised instances of corruption at work knows that this is just the tip of the iceberg on what goes on in the management of Guyana’s affairs – stability and certainty without the threat of the loss of power only applies to the people who are comfortable in this economy and political system.
  • Yog Mahadeo I agree Ruel Johnson. The will of the people must be voiced regardless. My FEAR is whether the will of the people could be allowed to be voiced at ballot. There is too much FEAR. Civil society and the various bodies are infiltrated and controlled by those who are controlled. Their biggest fear = losing it all.
  • Yog Mahadeo Joycelyn Williams the GCCI, like the PSC will never go against any sitting Government. They are completely subsumed into Government by their allocation of seats on various boards whose interests are their individual and collective interests. While in some eyes there is nothing wrong with that, there can be a lot wrong when the allocation of resources follows the same path.
  • Ruel Johnson And that fear will be there in 2016 – the difference is, they will have had two more years to intimidate and bully all who are in a position to remove them. Or, as is happening already, start funneling corruptly acquired money overseas to escape prosecution and this will be done by an acceleration of what is already taking place, the selling out of national assets and the locking of the country into corrupt, predatory deals that will burden Guyanese for generations to come.
  • Yog Mahadeo Final point: to many it’s a point of economics more than it is race. In the 1980’s the largest group of Indian supporters for Burnham came from Berbice, in the Crabwood Creek area. Their reason? Economics. The Burnman Government made them all rich through smuggling. Today, the corruption has emblazoned itself into the souls of thousands…..their reason for maintaining status quo (in addition to the opposition’s foolishness) is economics. Sad but true, too few (to matter) really care about Guyana. They all want POWER to rule, to control, to ridicule….none wants to help, and allow others to grow…..
  • Ruel Johnson But of course – the problem however is that the corruption fuelled economics of the PPP has not trickled down to even its own supporters in Berbice, something a recent Stabroek News man-in-the-street highlighted. It has not trickled down to the sugar workers even as the PPP has destroyed the industry around them. It hasn’t trickled down to rice farmers in Essequibo, nor the goldmining communities of Bartica and Mahdia. While Jagdeo enjoys the highest pension adjusted for parity in the region, (and one of the highest in the world), Guyana remains above only Haiti on the UNDP human development index.
  • Gordon Moseley Yog the parliament has a timetable it works with you know then it goes into recess for a month. So its not a case of wait and wait.
  • Daniel Thomas · Friends with Ruel Johnson and 27 others

    Thanks for educating the nation Gordon Moseley
  • Yog Mahadeo Karma is Intimidation, and Dynamic and Pension and Death and the names we call and the lies we tell and the accusations we make and the false witness we bear, etc…. Karma is action….. and every action has an equal and opposite reaction. What we sow we shall reap.
  • Lenno Craig Gordon, one month of wait can seem so long when one considers the boiling of passions and the anticipation of seeing the back of the PPP/C (by those who long for that day, economics or race) one month is sufficiently long to cause heighten tensions, unSee More

Arrival Day commemoration 2014

This poem was written for (and read at the) Arrival Day celebrations program at the Indian Commemoration Thrust, May 5, 2014:

Oh Friend, I pray…every day I pray
I bow my head and every day I say
Help me, this answer I seek, I strive
Tell me, oh please tell me, have we arrived?

Our fore-parents left their homeland
In search of happiness and hope, we understand.
But ever since then their children and generation
Have been running and fleeing to every other nation
To every country of this world we run insistently
Abandoning Guyana, our land, our own destiny.
Tell me, oh please help me decide…tell me, have we arrived?

The colonials ruled and brutally manipulated
And a dictator fooled and racial chasms created.
And then others in a new government stood tall
But sadly then Power took control of them all
Tell me, oh please help me decide…tell me, have we arrived?

And while some flee and others crawl
Crime and corruption walks over all,
Dancing on our heads, they become the masters
These so-called leaders, pandits, imams and pastors
These leaders who slowly play chess with our souls.
While our people, day after day away they go.
Tell me, oh please help me decide…tell me, have we arrived?

O Friend…when THEY came Hindus, Christians, Muslims
They lived together, looked out for each other
Today, we hate each other, we hate true Muslims,
We hate he who dares to be a Hindu, we hate true Christians
Every religion hates the other, yet preaching love
Tell me, oh please help me decide…tell me, have we arrived?
Yes we have become such a nation
We applaud misfortune praise aberration
Children kill themselves and we murder each other
While religious groups turn into entertainment’s cover
And God’s name; God’s work is controlled by Men and women
Who are controlled by State; false religious indignation
Tell me, oh please help me decide…tell me, have we arrived?

Yes, we can cry; ignore the truth
Blame someone else, pick illusion’s fruit.
But we leave for our children
A history, one of runners, fleeing reality
Instead of standing and fighting with morality
When you grandchild asks you for what the fore-parents strived?
Will you say…oh my child, they really never arrived?

These are words of hope, and this poem now ends
But please I call on you my dear, dear friends
Let us be free, fearless and true
To our past, present and future virtue.
Let us plant our foot down
and say, the future’s now begun
Guyana is our land, to nurture and grow
A gift for our children in all or tomorrows.

Meanwhile, if you believed,
If you believed that we arrived then
Just for today, this illusion of today
With every fiber of my being I say
Happy Arrival Day

by Yog Mahadeo

Congrats to Minister Manickchand…

Let’s turn this thing around. For the sake of this argument, let’s take Minister Manikchand’s statements (following her famous heckle) as what it is.

1) Congratulations to Minister Manikchand on your statements. You have spoken publicly that, today henceforth,you will be the champion of those who are raped and abused.

We agree with you 100%. Let us expose them and, for the sake of the victims, let’s us ensure that we leave no stone unturned in our search for justice for the abused.

Minister, from today we see in you someone that those who are raped and abused must look up to and reach out to for help.

We will hold you to your word and will look forward to you exposing and dealing with those rapists and pedophiles. We call on you to expose them all. Let us even look at parliament where you started this campaign. Let us examine every one of the parliamentarians and any accusation of rape, abuse and pedophilia must be exposed. Whether it is a police matter or not, let us expose them and ensure that we can, if there are any, identify them and their sinful relative to the public, guilty or not.

Minister, today henceforth, we look forward to your leadership on this matter.

2)Mr Jaipaul Sharma – We apologize to you for the embarassment you faced.You Sir, I believe, is not accused of rape or pedophilia but you took the brunt of it. Our apologies from those members of the public who care.

I continue to look forward to meaningful, transparent and positive leadership.

  • Nazim Hussain · 248 mutual friends

    Only if we know the whole truth
  • Atma Ackloo I fail to see the relevance of the rape thing in a national budget debate
    BUDGET being the allocation of resources for a given period more emphasis needs place on how we make guysuco profitable thereby increasing cash flow into Guyana (what about our flag ship Skeldon estate)
    MANY PEOPLE LIVES ON APPROX $us20 per day. HOW DO OUR COUNTRY MEN earn a bigger wage .
  • Bibi Aeysha Khan It is left to be seen
  • Yasmin Oudkerk The minister have a huge task to be there for the people even her friends and family fall in the exposed lot. Other than the rape issue her speech was powerful but delivering is left to be seen.. I know she cannot work alone but her staff must realise that their children family and friends would benefit so they must be honest and work for the benefit of all children
  • Alecia Roninson so true Yasmin, thats the only way we can all build our country. ……. the development of this country does not lie soley on the ministers or president but also us citizens. The Education minister is indeed a person who cares for every child in this counry. and as a public servant appointed at her ministry in the welfare section i will continue to ensure that cases of abuse,neglect etc is dealt with. we are all humans and are not perfect but if we stop pointing fingers and help each other ,most of all help to mould and build our country then Guyana will be a better place.
  • Dwayne Scott · Friends with John Singh and 59 others

    Nice Try Yog!. Good Luck with that though.

Open letter to Guyanese Politicians


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Dear President Ramotar, Dear Honorable Speaker Rafael Trotman. Hon Mr. Granger, Hon Mr. Ramjattan
We, the Guyanese people would like you to bring to the attention of your Honorable Members, the following things to consider:
1) The country is LOOKING and LISTENING to your speeches, slangs, heckles, insults, tirades, lies and acting at each other in parliament.
2) You are all big, educated people - elected to serve US the people. Our children’s future depends on YOU. When you insult each other, curse each other and belittle each other – all in the name of the political game what do you think happens?
3) Your cavalier attitudes rub off on us. Your disrespect for rules is being followed, your “show-off” attitudes is copied. Your mode of dress, (non)punctuality, absenteeism and even your sleeping – makes us all the same. Do YOU all understand that YOU are supposed to be LEADERS?
4) Everyone of us is becoming like YOU. You insult each other – We insult each other. You belittle and disrespect each other – We belittle each other You lie and we tell lies on each other – just for the heck of it.
5) We also then become like YOU and, just for the sake of the political game, we insult you, become disrespectful of you – after all – you are all disrespectful of each other – why should we respect you?
6) We are all intolerant of each other. We hurl insults, we use words to injure without thinking of repercussions.
7) We insult the Government and become intolerant of them and even the good that they do becomes bad – just because YOU have shown us how to belittle and degrade.
We can go on and on. If you want this country to improve, YOU have to start improving yourselves. Behave yourselves in parliament. Treat people with respect and we will respect you.
TRUST ME, no one out here admires your glib tongue when it is used to belittle and lie. If you have facts on each other about rape, torture and theft, present to the police or let’s take civil action.
This country will only start to improve when you all start at the top. If you do not, then soon you will be exchanging fists in parliament and then this nation will spill over.
God help us all – but YOU can too.
Sincerely, Yog Mahadeo on behalf of every affected onlooker.

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